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About Regen X

This research embarks from the recently completed research entitled "From Resilience to Regeneration: Reimagining Philippine Cities 2050 through Scenarios and Causal Layered Analysis."


Using the scenario narratives, results, insights, and recommended next steps that emerged from the research, this project seeks to develop a serious foresight game on city futures dubbed initially as Regenerative X: A City Futures Game. Using gamification as an approach, the research aims to build a city futures game that incorporates scenario development, wildcards, regeneration, and the 17 SDG goals as game elements to facilitate futures literacy learning and capabilities.


The game enables participants to have scenario conversations that allows them to imagine plausible regenerative city futures. Regen X is an anticipatory governance gaming technique to facilitate meaningful foresight exchanges. The game enables players such as city decision-makers, policy-makers, administrators, and citizens to reimagine sustainable city futures.

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Regen X Gameplay

Player Guide

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"I play therefore I am"

Cruz, Sweeney, and Bharadaran, 2017


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